10 of the Books I Plan to Read in 2021

I actually already read this book this year. It’s hard to say it was good because it was tragic and heavy. But I’d say I’d give it four and half stars out of five.
In my pursuit to become a better writer, I’ve committed to reading at least one book on writing each year. This book was highly recommended by a friend. I look forward to learning from it.
I started this and it’s already been really good. I really appreciated Mancini’s book Church Unique and look forward to working through Future Church.
This book comes highly recommended by both my wife and mother-in-law. I look forward to reading it.
I’m reading the chapters out of order but the three chapters I’ve read have been very good. It’s on track to be a five-star book.
As a pastor, people often think you’re either a hero or horrific. My wife bought this for me for Christmas because a number of people basically said I was horrific. So, I look forward to digging into this book to get some biblical perspective on criticism.
This is a book I want to read because it has a lot of positive reviews. It’s also about someone growing to love books and even risking themself to get books that are going to be burned by the Nazis. So, it sounds good.
Because life is short and books are long I try to prioritize reading classics and books that are broadly recognized as being worth reading. I look forward to reading this classic.
This is a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I wanted to add it to the list here to make sure I read it this year.
I found this book on a list of 100 books to read before you die. So, I imagine and hope it’s good. It sounds good.
*Photo by Tom Hermans 

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