Eternity in our Hearts

We have eternity in our hearts.
We cry out like two daughters: Give and Give.
The fire of our soul won’t be quenched or squelched.
It burns on,
consumes all,
and is left

Empty abyss,
blank, black hole.
We suck in stars, oceans, all;
and yet repine.

Yes, my soul’s an arid land.
An empty dry sponge.
It sucks up all it can,
yet remains coarse and craving.

My soul’s a vacuum
that won’t be filled.
All is engulfed,
yet I’m left empty.

We have eternity in our hearts
and can only be filled with the Eternal

We have an infinite longing
that is only meant by the Infinite.

Our cavernous soul is only filled
by the LORD.

We can only be sated
by our Savior.

Our repining will finally wane
when we stand on heaven’s plane.

Our soul’s fallowed ground
will burst with new life.

Our bottomless shaft
will abound in streams of joy.

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