The Cosmic Comedy

Ironically, though the Bible covers every type of literature, in its final form the Bible is a cosmic comedy. And all throughout the biblical story there is one main character, even if not always on the scene. The story of Scripture is a story about God’s only Son, Jesus the Christ. I was reading the other day in the book of Ezekiel. I read the words “there shall be no more a brier to prick or a thorn to hurt them,” in Ezekiel 28:24. I began thinking about all the edenic language in Scripture and began to sketch a few lines to the poem below that recalled some of that biblical language. I have tried to show through this poem that Jesus is the hero of the story because He fixes what is the cosmic problem by restoring a way to Eden and fellowship with God.

Just a word and all wonders wrought
God announced, and behold, it was all good

Creation had communion with the Creator
God walked in the Garden

Yet with Adam the serpent did conspire
And brought the world into mire

Beckoned to the grave
Everything disarranged

The curse burst upon the scene
But in the midst a seed of hope was seen

Many men came and went
Was the hope of promise spent?

Many lambs, prophets, priests and kings
Yet none with true salvation in their wings

Darkness for a time
No prophet’s voice was heard

Yet in the darkness I Light it shone
And it would overcome the darkness

Behold, O’ world, your Prophet, Priest, and King
Jesus the Promised Seed and Lamb

The curse brought in shall be expunged
Yes, replunged upon the Son

Christ was crushed as promised
But in His crushing, crushed Satan, sin, and death

He was cursed to reverse the curse
He felt our plight to set all things right

The lion to lay down with the lamb,
Because, the Great I AM, was slain

No more brier prick or thorn to stick
All shall be made new

When our King all subdue
All shall be made new

All foes to be forgotten
Forever banished now

That serpent of old will receive its last scald
And be the god of the pit

We shall walk in the Garden again,
Because God walked Gethsemane to Golgotha

The true Temple, Tabernacle, Eden restored
Communion with the creator in the New Jerusalem

The ground will be paved with gold,
For gold will have no glory,
The only glory will be the story of God’s unfailing love

All shall be made new
Victory through the Son!

All shall be made new
Victory through the Son!

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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