The World she Whispers softly

She whispers her lies, to my demise

O’ how the plague fills my ears

But O’ how I listen, O’ how I listen

Stop up my ears


The world she speaks softly, sweetly

And bitterly she pulls her blade


O’ how the strong have fallen

Collapsed onto the ground

She whispers sweetly, softly


Venomous snake recoiled in bread

Yes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing


But tell me the lies, tell me the lies, I want to hear.

I want to be blinded. I want to embrace the sheep. I’ll disregard the noose around my neck.


Apparently I’m the epitome of insanity,

In search of life (sehnsucht), embracing death


O’ God! Stop up my ears. And make me hear…

Your truth.

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