C. S. Lewis on Longing

Introduction You can trace the theme of longing through most of Lewis’ writings. In some places, it is explicit in other places it is implicit. For example, Perelandra does not so much make an argument as much as make you desire and long to experience something of what Lewis wrote. When reading some of Lewis, […]

The Joy that Awaits

And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, And come to Zion with singing, With everlasting joy on their heads. They shall obtain joy and gladness, And sorrow and sighing shall flee away. -Isaiah 35:10 Some times people paint with colors and at other times they paint with words. Isaiah here is painting with words […]

Ecclesiastes: Necessary Destruction

A treatise on vanity. That is basically the book of Ecclesiastes. What a depressing book. How is a book like that ever to be read and enjoyed, especially with our modern sensibilities? We need stuff that will make us feel good even if it is not the truth, right? Isn’t that what we need? That, […]

Nietzsche: Prophet of Doom (Part 7)

Significance for Christian Practice Nietzsche is certainly good at reminding us that if God does not break into human experience then we are hopelessly lost. Nietzsche shows us what the antithesis of Christianity looks like. Nietzsche is correct, if God is dead, “if atheism is true, there is no moral accountability for one’s actions… If […]

Nietzsche: Prophet of Doom (Part 6)

The Christian Ideal and the Answer to what Ails Us Apologetics sees the questions in philosophy and religion and points to how Scripture ultimately answers them. Scripture answers Nietzsche’s questions (though perhaps unvocalized) about meaning and hopelessness. Nietzsche is basically stuck on the Fall but does not understand the rest of the Biblical story that […]

Designer Sex (part 2)

Redemption: Romance Rebuilt The world is broken but Christ came to redeem and fix it. Yet we live in the “already and not yet,” the time in between. We have the down payment and first fruits of all that is to come but Christ’s Kingdom hasn’t come to full affect yet. However, we do see what […]

“Treasure in the Right Place” sermon on Matthew 6:19-34

Below are some follow up questions for you consider related to my message “Treasure in the Right Place” from Matthew 6:19-34. Discussion/Application Questions: Is it true that worry often tells us what we worship? Is it true that we can be orthodox and even astute theologically and actually have our heart somewhere else entirely? Is it true that […]

The Contradiction that is Humanity

East of Eden, this trance in which were caught. Serpents all around, lies within, lies without. Death, death, unspoken though it be, prevails. Prevailing misery, wrapped in supposed ecstasy. Whisper, whisper; slither near, they speak the lies into my ear. Sell it all, the order built tall, fails. Embrace it all, accept all, end null. […]

O’ for the Crash

Smug death   Infection     Guided by misdirection I fall to the grave   Ablaze     In false glory The story goes on   Repeated with repugnant nausea     I fall O’ for the crash   For glue     To hold and make new Made awake   Invigorated bliss     […]


The angst within my soul is burring deep, I’m not complete.   Our sordid searching just brings us further down.   Where’s the joy I’ve sought but haven’t found?   I’ve searched upon this plane, yet passions they will not wane.   They remain, they hunt and haunt me.   Empty echoes, shallow graves, and […]

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