Shalom is Slain

O’ for the worlds that lay asunder,

for the shalom that is slain.

We ingrain habits of unrest,

we fester and pass on spoil.

O’ for the earth to break,

for all to be made anew.

For the habits in my heart to pour out,

and for living waters to ensue.

God this world is broken,

we are altogether damaged and damned.

“Destroy the destroyers of the earth,”

destroy what in me destroys.

Shalom was slain

but through the slain Messiah (is/will be) renewed.

O’ God, Maranatha!

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About Paul O'Brien

I am a lot of things; saint and sinner. I struggle and I strive. I am a husband and father of three. I have been in pastoral ministry for 10 years. I went to school at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary but most of my schooling has been at the School of Hard Knocks. I have worked various jobs, including pheasant farmer, toilet maker, construction worker, and I served in the military. My wife and I enjoy reading at coffee shops, taking walks, hanging out with friends and family, and watching our three kid's antics. :)

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