18 books for ’18

Here are 18 of the books (plus 2 extras) I plan to read in 2018:

  1. Thomas R. Schreiner, The King in His Beauty
  2. Tony Reinke, Lit!
  3. Tish Harrison Warren, Liturgy of the Ordinary
  4. Tommy Keith, Finacial Security in Ten Easy Steps 
  5. Levi Lusko, Swipe Right
  6. Alex Haley, Roots
  7. John Piper, Reading the Bible Supernatully
  8. The Quran
  9. Gregory Koukl, The Story of Reality
  10. Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  11. Joseph Heller, Catch 22
  12. Albert Camus, The Stranger
  13. Francis S. Collins, The Language of God
  14. Elisabeth Elliot, Shadow of the Almighty
  15. Mark Forsyth, The Elements of Eloquence 
  16. Steven Johnson, How We Got to Now 
  17. Bruce Olson, Bruchko 
  18. Andreas Kostenberger, God, Marriage, and Family 
  19. Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire (Mistborn, book 1)
  20. Dee Brown, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

I always aim to read at least one book each week. So this list gives me some flexibility but ensures a somewhat balanced diet. 

What’s your eighteen? And what should I add to my list? 

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Here are a few books you should’ve read in 2017

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About Paul O'Brien

I am a lot of things; saint and sinner. I struggle and I strive. I am a husband and father of three. I have been in pastoral ministry for 10 years. I went to school at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary but most of my schooling has been at the School of Hard Knocks. I have worked various jobs, including pheasant farmer, toilet maker, construction worker, and I served in the military. My wife and I enjoy reading at coffee shops, taking walks, hanging out with friends and family, and watching our three kid's antics. :)

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