Good News Amongst the Raging Waters

It is Saturday. It is the day we remember Jesus laying in a grave. It is quiet, it is solemn, it is lonely. It brings sadness.

Many Christians are feeling Easter from a different perspective. We are not celebrating with our brothers and sisters Easter morning like we usually would. Our voices joining together with the heavens, singing praises to Jesus in celebration of His resurrection. His resurrection bringing salvation to this world signaling the church of Jesus Christ to disperse and tell the world the Good News.

Yet, here we are. Confined to our homes, it may be quiet or chaotic in your home, but we are far from our friends, family, and routines. We are feeling our need for comfort, peace and our weaknesses are on full display. We want the truth. We want justice. We want our voices to be heard. Each day uncontrollably slides across the ice with no clear path forward. Each day we may be grasping, trying to hold onto something that will stop the spinning and put us on a good path. But how do we, the government, or the world know how to steer a day?

We are the water, not the hand that controls the flow of the water. God has a plan and a purpose as he guides the water. God had a plan and purpose for Jesus as He approached the cross. It didn’t look good and it hurt but Jesus followed the Father’s plan. That plan saved humanity and gives us the reason we sing and declare His name into this world.

This year, the week leading up to Easter felt heavier for many. We are faced with concerns, questions, and unrest. Remember, Jesus understands our heavy hearts and what we are dealing with today. He brings heavenly comfort, peace and can sympathize with our weaknesses! Injustice hunted Him down to the cross. His voice was heard but it led Him to the cross and the hearers were tortured and paid a price in ways our favored society has never seen. He was there then and is right here with us now! He is in our homes. Amidst the chaos, He is still charging us to spread the Good News. God’s hand is their even when waters rage, war, famine, and illness swirl around us, we still have Good News to declare.

So, this Easter feels different, it is. It is different for your neighborhood too because you are not in your church building but in your community on Easter morning. So, declare the Good News among those God has placed around you. Hang a sign, chalk the sidewalks, sing songs outside. Share the Good News in ways you never have before. It is a lonely or scary time for many, for others it is freedoms and routines being taken. Whereas some feel invincible.

No matter where you are at, Jesus can bring us comfort, peace, He can remove the shackles and pride, and be the balm our souls long for. God knows our deepest selves and is guiding the waters rushing around us. The ice is spinning this world out of control but we have Jesus to grasp onto. Jesus is the reason we sing Easter morning. We can declare His name to the world in our homes, on our porches, in our windows, in our yards. He is worthy of every praise we meager humans can produce.

“Amen! Blessings, and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and strength. Be to our God forever and ever. Amen” (Revelation 7:12). 

Disperse church and raise your voices to declare the world has a Savior!

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