Nietzsche: Prophet of Doom (Part 6)

The Christian Ideal and the Answer to what Ails Us Apologetics sees the questions in philosophy and religion and points to how Scripture ultimately answers them. Scripture answers Nietzsche’s questions (though perhaps unvocalized) about meaning and hopelessness. Nietzsche is basically stuck on the Fall but does not understand the rest of the Biblical story that […]

America’s Trump Morality

The difference between Donald Trump and his explicit exploits and many guys on the street is not one of morality. It’s one of power and publicity. Sadly, there are many “average Joe” versions of Donald Trump and Anthony Weiner.[1] I have heard many “men” nearly quote Trump and recount worse exploits in various work environments. […]

Sneaky Subtle Stuff

It’s the steady and unnoticed drip that corrodes the foundation. It’s the subtle stuff that shapes us. What’s imperceptible impacts us. It’s the little things that don’t seem like a big deal that last. Precisely because they seem little. When we excuse something, because after-all, it’s only small, we often give refuge to an infectious […]

Desert Soul

this land is as dead as my soul so purge and make new even if it means a knife i want life new life spring make me clean new i want You oh God, rescue me i’m drowning i don’t see the light all is night an endless cycle down my soul’s diseased and I […]

Designer Sex (part 1)

Our starting points have big consequences, good or bad. Even when buttoning our shirt. If we get the first button wrong we’re going to be misaligned all the way down. And hopefully we catch the problem before we walk out of the house. It is the same way with sex. It is crucial that we […]

Dustin Kensrue – This Is War

Thought provoking song and video.    “This Is War,”  Allen Swoope and Dustin Kensrue: “This is war like you ain’t seen. This winter’s long, it’s cold and mean. With hangdog hearts we stood condemned, But the tide turns now at Bethlehem. This is war and born tonight, The Word as flesh, the Lord of Light, […]

The Contradiction that is Humanity

East of Eden, this trance in which were caught. Serpents all around, lies within, lies without. Death, death, unspoken though it be, prevails. Prevailing misery, wrapped in supposed ecstasy. Whisper, whisper; slither near, they speak the lies into my ear. Sell it all, the order built tall, fails. Embrace it all, accept all, end null. […]

Desecration and De-creation via the Red-Light District

I was in Germany for my job a few years ago. I got to wander the streets of Nuremberg with a few friends. It was a great time until… Until my friends just happened to stumble upon the red-light district. I saw a woman, made in the image of God, standing naked in the arch of a door […]

The Present State

The nations plot and rage The world goes grinding on             Many caught in her cogs             Continually disarranged The turmoil triumphs The plague it plunges all Here we fall We are the fall O’ the hell we’ve made! The world is groaning I reciprocate her pain O’ maranatha!

“Genetic Homosexual?” and our morality…

John is attracted to men. Jane is attracted to women. And so, our cultural says, “Go for it! If that’s the way you feel (the culture’s only form of “objective” truth). After all, that’s the way you were born. It’s in your genes.” I, Paul, am attracted to women (pl.) and yet I am married, […]

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