What Made Mary Special?

What made Mary special? Was there something in her background that made God choose her? Did she have a high place in society? Let’s look at some background to try to answer those questions. Mary was a young girl (maybe as young as thirteen) from an obscure town. Actually, when one of Jesus’ future disciples […]

Pervasive Peace through the Second Advent

Pervasive Peace through the Second Advent

In Christmas, we celebrate the advent or coming of Christ. The first coming enabled a way for peace to be realized. Humans can, through Christ, have renewed fellowship with God. Yet, as Jesus Himself said, in the world we will have trouble and tribulation. So, if that’s the case, if in the world we will […]

How to Keep Christ Central this Christmas Season

Christians often say, “He is the reason for the season,” which is true. Yet, it is easy in the “hustle and bustle” of the holidays for that not to ring true in our homes. So, here are some suggestions I have complied to help you keep Christ central this holiday season… Give God a Gift […]

Incarnation to New Creation

Just a word and all wonders wrought, God announced, and behold, it was all good. Creation had communion with the Creator, God walked in the Garden. Yet with Adam the serpent did conspire, and brought the world into mire. Beckoned to the grave, everything disarranged. The curse burst upon the scene, but in the midst […]

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