The Work of the Spirit | pt. 8

Prophecy The ministry of a prophet does not contradict or add to Scripture but if truly from God is infallible. This is very controversial but it seems to be the correct conclusion when we unbiasedly consider the biblical evidence. It is helpful here to consider what Sam Storms has said, “If noncanonical revelation was not […]

The Work of the Spirit | pt. 7

The Gifts Must Function in Accordance with Scripture When the gifts of the Spirit are carried out and employed within the parameters of Scripture then a lot of the concerns that cessationists have should be able to be set aside. So, first, let us consider some of the parameters that Scripture puts in place for […]

The Work of the Spirit | pt. 4

You can see the previous post here.  There is no indication that the gifts would cease before Christ’s second coming. The Bible never indicates the cessation of the grace gifts until the return of Jesus, this is the second reason I believe in their continuance. There is no indication in the New Testament that the […]

The Work of the Spirit | pt. 3

In the last post, we looked at “God the Spirit and the Filling of the Spirit.” In this post, we will be looking at… Grace Gifts Next, we need to understand that God the Spirit gives “grace gifts.”[1] God’s abundant grace that we see demonstrated all throughout redemptive history issues in grace gifts.[2] God expresses […]

The Resurrection and Our Hope No Matter What

What is the correct response to the coronavirus? Should we have fear or faith? Well, the answer to that question depends on where you’re coming from and your understanding of this world… The Bible teaches Christians that through Christ, no matter what we face, we can have faith. We can have hope. Reflecting on the […]

The Betrayal and Rejection

“Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me”                                                     —Ps. 41:9 (cf. Jn. 13:18).   Jesus came to His own […]

Why should I believe the Bible? (pt 7)

We have already looked at many reasons why we can believe the Bible. Yet, there are still many more. Here we briefly look at the Bible being trustworthy because it is…  Prophetic The Bible contains all sorts of fulfilled prophecies (see e.g. “The Prophecy of Daniel 8”), particularly about Jesus. These attest to the Bible’s […]

Incarnation to New Creation

Just a word and all wonders wrought, God announced, and behold, it was all good. Creation had communion with the Creator, God walked in the Garden. Yet with Adam the serpent did conspire, and brought the world into mire. Beckoned to the grave, everything disarranged. The curse burst upon the scene, but in the midst […]

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