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500th Blog Post!

500th Blog Post!

Super excited. This is the 500th blog post. And over 21,000 different people from 145 countries have visited the site.

This is great because that’s the purpose of this site, to provide truth that transforms. We want to pepper people’s lives with relevant Christ-centered teaching. We want people to consider Christ and His relevance in their lives.

There are a lot of distractions in the world. A lot of reasons to falsely think Jesus doesn’t matter. We want to be part of counteracting those lies. We want to herald the Truth from the hills and the hollers, from wherever we can, by whatever means we can. Therefore, we will use any means available to reach and teach as many as we can. And we’ve reached a lot of people from some 145 countries!

We are excited about that. But, we’re not done. There are more people to reach. More truth to share. Thus, we forget what lies behind us and strain forward to what lies ahead (Phil. 3:13).

So, that’s what we’re going to keep working at. We are going to keep sharing relevant truth that transforms. We have some exciting plans for the upcoming year and are happy about what the new writers have to share.

Ways To Support

We have an exciting project coming up that we would love to have you support. We’ll give more information in the coming weeks. But, the short of it is, we are creating a resource that will help people see the relevance of Jesus. It’s created for people that grew up in the church and left the church. For people that know of Christ, but don’t live for Christ.

It’s our prayerful aim to change that.

Here are some ways you can support:


I know and quote Psalm 127:1 often. It says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain (Ps. 127:1). I want to reach 10,000 people with this new resource. And I know the Spirit can use it to keep people from limping back and forth, one minute holding Jesus to be relevant and the next irrelevant (2 Kings 18:21). God can awaken hearts to Himself through this resource.

But, for it to happen, it would be a work of the Lord. My part, however, is to do the work. And, I’ll do the work. I’d love for you to pray that I wouldn’t labor in vain. Pray that the Lord would choose to richly repay my work to His glory.


High goals require giving. I’ve given to the goal of writing and sharing truth that transforms. And some of those goals have been met. I’m thankful. And I’m going to keep working and writing (I can’t help it. It’s one of the things my hand has found to do, and I‘m going to work at it with all my might).

But, I want to reach more people. I believe there is a huge need. Especially for my millennial peers and those younger than me. It is for those that I am working on this next resource. I want them to see and eternally savor the glory of Jesus.

So, if you can finically support the work, you can give here.


You can also share and follow on Facebook or whatever platforms you use.

Some Favorite Posts

New Author: Alex Rivas

Alex Rivas

We’re excited to announce that Alex Rivas will be joining as one of the authors. We look forward to hearing his heart and learning from him.

Alex Rivas

Alex is a city kid from Chicago who is seeking out God in new places. He became a believer at the age of 16 and is a recent graduate of Moody. He and his wife enjoy quality time watching movies, playing board games, discussing theology, and hosting Bible studies in their home. Alex has a love for the Lord, His word, and His church. Alex’s desire is to serve the Lord for as long as he has breath.

Why the Name “New inX”?

The name “NewinX” comes from the reality that new life, individual and cosmic, comes in and through Christ alone. The “inX” logo stands for the Christian’s identity in Christ Jesus. Second Corinthians 5:17 says that if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation.

Why an “X”? What does “X” stand for? An “X”…

  • looks like the Greek letter, chi, which is the first letter in Christos, the Greek word for Christ (Χριστός).
  • has been used as short hand for Christ for a long time.
  • reminds us of the cross where Jesus the Christ paid for the sins of all who would turn to Him in repentance and faith. So, an “X” is a good reminder not only of Jesus the Messiah but also His mission. To die on the cross. Jesus came as a little baby at Christmas but He came for the cross.[1]
  • also starts at a definite point but stretches out from there. Jesus the Christ, His coming and cross, happened at a definite time but the significance of what He accomplished stretches out into eternity.
  • has a center point and it also has four lines jetting out from that center. Jesus Christ is the center, the crux of everything, and significance and salvation jet out from Him. He brings deliverance near and far, individual and cosmic, but it all shoots out from Him at the center. As Colossians says, “In Him all things were created… All things were created through Him and for Him… and in Him all things hold together” (Col. 1:16-17).
  • may be people’s way of trying to get Christ out of Christmas but the reality is, reality is about Him. So, that’s ultimately going to be an impossible task.[2]
  • “marks the spot” and is on many maps. Jesus the Christ is the true treasure.

So, “X” points to Jesus the Christ. It points to Jesus the center of it all. It points to the cross on which He died and the cosmos that is held together by His hand.

What’s the Purpose of “New inX”?

We want the whole world to intimately experience the transforming truth of Jesus. The purpose of “NewinX” is to provide truth that transforms. We want to pepper people’s lives with relevant Christocentric biblical teaching.

The world has many voices, they scream and chant their truth. We want to herald the truth—true truth—from the hills and the hollers, from wherever we can by whatever means we can. We want to use the means available to reach and teach as many as we can.

The Gutenberg Press was once that means, and it was used to great ends. Now we have various forms of social media. In the day of “Fake News,” we want to share the good news and show how it impacts every area of life.


[1] It’s also important to realize that “Christmas” is actually already shorthand for “Christ’s mass.” The English word “Mass” comes from the Latin word missa, which means to be “sent.” So, Christmas reminds us that Christ has been sent and the truth is, “Xmas” does too.

[2] Even the way we date things goes back to Jesus and His coming. A.D. comes from the Latin, Anno Domini, which means, “In the year of ourLord” and refers to the years after the birth of Jesus.

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